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The Decentralised Data Marketplace for Financial Services

Bright Network uses an open protocol to connect financial services to the data economy

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Bright represents a radical change to the way businesses access financial services

Through an open protocol and data marketplace powered by blockchain, our mission is to enable a new generation of financial services

Bright Network

Designed for FinTech companies and their customers,
Bright Network is an open ecosystem for sharing and consuming business data

Data Vaults

Cryptographically-secured structures of user-owned public, private and meta-data. Data can be linked to establish network reputation and trust

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System of smart contracts and oracle services which orchestrate the usage of vaults and services, and control the distribution of fees when using the network

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Collection of automated services which can read, use, and contribute to data stored in vaults. They are created with APIs and tools to build dApps on top of our Protocol

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Problems today


Business data is unstructured and siloed, preventing financial services access to the data economy


Traditional financial services runs on rails built 50 years ago,
resulting in high costs and complexity


Closed data and financial ecosystems stifle innovation, reduce
choice for businesses and merchants


Disparate, centralised stores of business data are prone to attack and misuse

Benefits of Bright Network


Aggregation and analysis of data provides faster, cheaper and more scalable solutions for the financial services sector

Reduced intermediation, Greater Choice

Eliminating traditional intermediaries and offering greater choice, lower fees to businesses and merchants

Open, Disruptive Innovation

Empowering developers to create the next generation of financial products


Handing control, privacy and portability back to the business over their data

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Use Cases

Access to the data economy for FinTechs,
Neo Banks, Credit Agencies and Investors

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Alternative lenders including FinTechs and Neo Banks can use Bright Network to automate the loan origination and underwriting process to make faster and better lending decisions.

Insurance Shield


Insurers can use Bright Network to automate the actuarial and underwriting process to provide greater personalizatoin of coverage and actively manage risk.

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Financial service providers can use Bright Network in high risk or high value contexts to conduct enhanced KYC and AML checks on merchants and businesses as part of their onboarding process.

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Credit Check

Credit agencies can use Bright Network to supplement business credit histories to determine credit risk exposure. Businesses can conduct credit checks on customers to make informed credit decissions.

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Due Diligence

Professional investors and investor marketplaces can use Bright Network to automate their due diligence process on investments and reduce costs and time.

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