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Financial Services on the Blockchain

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Bright represents a radical change to the way small businesses access financial services

Our mission is to reduce friction for businesses and the financial services sector, resulting in better credit assessment and smarter lending

Bright Network

Bright Network is a tokenised ecosystem for sharing and consuming
small business data for financial services

Data Vaults

Cryptographically-secured structures of user-owned public, private and meta-data. Data can be linked to establish network reputation and trust

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System of smart contracts and oracle services which orchestrate the usage of vaults and services, and controls the distribution of fees when using the network

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Collection of automated services which can read, use, and contribute to data stored in vaults. They are created with APIs and tools to build dApps on top of our Protocol

Problems today


Lack of accurate, dynamically refreshed small business data used for credit risk assessment


Legacy back office infrastructure in the financial services sector results in scalability and cost issues for small business lending, particularly in the underwriting process

Prohibitive Terms and a Growing Credit Gap

Lenders view small businesses as particularly high-risk, raising their borrowing costs and collateral requirements to prohibitive extremes. 50% of micro, small and medium enterprises worldwide lack access to credit

Benefits of Bright Network

Autonomous Data

Automation of underwriting processes for financial services institutions


Unlimited scalability of lending liquidity from capital markets

Social Impact

Serving unserved and underserved small business segments


Handing control and portablity back to the small business over their data, and incentivising them for providing it

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