Access business loans using your data

With better credit assessment and smarter lending, Bright can offer fairer rates and lower fees for small business loans.

Retain ownership of your data, secured by the blockchain.

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How it works

More choice of lenders and rates

Through Bright's lending marketplace, comparing loan terms has never been easier.

Lenders can make accurate lending decisions instantly, there is no delay in accessing the credit your small business needs.

Unlock the power of your data

Link banking data to your Data Vault using Open Banking APIs, or alternative sources such as social data from Twitter or Facebook, and discover a new fairer way to assess credit risk.

We use machine learning to measure your credit risk from the data you upload. The more data added to your vault, the more accurate your credit rating.

Privacy-first Platform

By utilising blockchain and decentralised technologies with our cryptographically secure Data Vault, your data can never be viewed without your permission, not even by Bright.

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Problems today


Lack of accurate, dynamically refreshed small business data used for credit risk assessment


Legacy back office infrastructure in the financial services sector results in scalability and cost issues for small business lending, particularly in the underwriting process

Prohibitive Terms and a Growing Credit Gap

Lenders view small businesses as particularly high-risk, raising their borrowing costs and collateral requirements to prohibitive extremes. 50% of micro, small and medium enterprises worldwide lack access to credit

Benefits of Bright Network

Autonomous Data

Automation of underwriting processes for financial services institutions


Unlimited scalability of lending liquidity from capital markets

Social Impact

Serving unserved and underserved small business segments


Handing control and portablity back to the small business over their data, and incentivising them for providing it

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