Behind Bright - Alicia Botha, MSME Engagement


Building professional, efficient and human relationships with all our stakeholders is central to Alicia Botha’s role. Earning and protecting their trust is the core principle, just as trust is at the heart of Bright.

Meaningful Motivation

When Alicia realised she wasn't going to set the world alight with her talents as a squash player it was time to rally. A natural curiosity and a positive attitude to change led Alicia from South Africa to England to pursue a career in education. However, Alicia’s keen interest in problem-solving and the development of practical innovations eventually drew her to Bright as Head of MSME Engagement.

“The concept that underpins Bright is part of who I am. I embrace innovative change and Bright represents bold innovation. I believe in enabling people and Bright does that.”

Alicia has spent months speaking to Bright’s Early Adopters across the globe. Despite the lack of a level playing field when it comes to accessing finance, she hears pride and accomplishment in what they've achieved. They struggle for financial credibility, but they hold on to the reasons they've struck out on their own ventures.

“What an incredible opportunity to be part of a very talented team dedicated to validating those entrepreneurs and many others like them.”

A Champion of Equality

As someone who has always championed parity and equal opportunity, Alicia actively volunteered during her time at the University of Cape Town - a practical engagement in an area of need. Her contributions to the alumni associations of University College London and the University of Cape Town are about enabling opportunity on a macro level. Today, Alicia’s work within Bright is about doing the same on an international scale.

Maintaining Perspective

With a busy schedule in the office, Alicia makes a concerted effort to have quiet time outside of work. She feels it's important to take stock and reset physically and mentally. Kayaking and mountaineering strike the balance for Alicia between mental recharging and physical exertion.

“I liken the importance of balance to a visit to an art gallery; we need to know when to take several steps back to maintain perspective.”

From our view, we’d say her outlook is good!

To connect with Alicia, you can find her on LinkedIn. You can read more on her thoughts on female entrepreneurs tackling the gender gap on TechBullion, or come chat on Telegram.