Behind Bright - Anthony Martin, Co-Founder & Advisor


Anthony Martin wears many hats. He is a Bright Co-Founder and Advisor, and the CEO of AMPP Group, a fintech marketplace business that he co-founded five years ago with Pierre Proner.

A Man of Many Hats

As CEO of AMPP, Ant's day-to-day is spent between the internal teams and external clients. AMPP has been growing 30% a year-on-year for the past four years, working with some of the brightest minds in the fintech space and serving some of the world's largest banks such as Barclays Bank, ICICI Bank, and Access Bank as well as many exceptional professional services firms.

Despite being incredibly lucky to work with some of the best companies and best people in the world, he’s seen first-hand the need for inclusive, transparent and fair financial services for businesses globally, which led him to co-found Bright.

Bright was spun out of AMPP based on the feedback we were receiving from the users of AMPP’s platform - that although they're reputable businesses, they're unable to gain access to credit.

In addition to co-founding Bright, Ant is also an advisor and draws upon his experience starting and scaling fintech organisations to provide inputs on the commercial and business model aspects, as well as supporting Bright’s CEO, Pierre, and the rest of the Bright team.

The Man in the Arena

Hanging behind Ant’s desk is an excerpt of Theodore Roosevelt’s speech known as ‘The Man in the Arena’. It is a fitting choice for someone who believes not only that his work is making an impact for his customers but understands that building a business requires enthusiasm and devotion.

When not at his desk, Ant’s still a man in the arena! He stays physically fit by boxing, playing football and running marathons. He also stays mentally fit by practicing mindful habits by writing daily in his gratitude journal and meditating. And if that wasn’t enough, Ant has subscribed to the view that by reading one book every week for five years, one can become an ‘overnight’ success. We know he’s well on the way!

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