Behind Bright - Arnold Almeida, VP Engineering


Bright VP of Engineering, Arnold Almeida got into technology at a very young age. From the moment he received his first computer - a 386 - he was immediately captivated by it. A modem soon followed, which gave Arnold all the access to information an avid reader and curious mind could want at the command of a keyboard. A hobby-turned-obsession of taking apart computers and experimenting with them eventually led him to a computer science degree.

A Bright Career

After graduating, Arnold started his career and became CTO of one of Australia’s largest shopping clubs by age 24. In an engineering team of three against teams of 30, he thrived and enjoyed the challenge and credits the hard-work and seeing the bigger picture possibilities as solidifying his desire to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment - like here at Bright.

I am given the freedom to really lean in with my existing experience whilst also pushing the limits of my knowledge. At the core of it, I really love designing systems from the ground up.

At Bright, Arnold leads many workstreams. From developing the original white paper with Pierre to designing the Token Economics, the Bounty and dabbling in Machine Learning, all whilst ensuring the team has a robust systems architecture, are coming to consensus on the right engineering points and ensuring technical papers have been thoughtfully written and communicated to be accessible by all.

Work Hard, Play...Outside!

Things are constantly changing in Blockchain technology, and Arnold spends a fair amount of his free time reading tech papers, and links and articles from a trusted circle of friends.

I would argue that my main inspiration comes from learning about people and how systems work in spheres vastly different from my own.

Arnold is the office deejay. He observes the office vibe and chooses a set of tunes to match - typically a mix of House, Soul, and Disco. Off-duty, however, the data shows shows Folk, Soul and a bit of New Wave are Arnold’s go-to. Perhaps these are his soundtracks keeping him company outside.

He frequently likes to take long hikes, camp under the stars, or virtually explore them by watching Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ on YouTube.

I really like getting into nature. Nature brings perspective and brings what truly matters back into focus.

You can connect with Arnold on Discord, follow him on Twitter or give him a shout on Telegram.