Behind Bright - Jaime van Oers, Head of Blockchain


Head of Blockchain, Jaime van Oers, has been programming for as long as he can remember. What started with creating game engines has ended up spanning most areas of the technology stack.

Doing the Maths

Armed with a masters degree in theoretical physics, Jaime gained an appreciation for the academic process and the mathematical rigour that advanced physics relies on. However, the need to root his experiments in practical outputs led him back to computer science, and cultivated his belief that software is one of the most potent and accessible ways to make a scalable difference in the world.

After university, Jaime worked for HSBC, where software is relied upon to prevent catastrophic problems in the global economy. The breadth of experience offered by an institution of this size provided him with an understanding of the financial industry, the economy, enterprise processes, the capabilities of machine learning, and also the problems with blockchains - as seen by the financial sector. In addition, it cultivated his passions of system architecture, research and innovation.

Drawing Parallels

Jaime joined Bright because of the compelling and tangible use-case to solve problems for people who have no alternatives from existing technologies. He could draw many parallels between Bright's ambitions to maintain privacy and his own values and interests. He was further excited by Bright’s capability to use blockchain, cryptography, machine learning and other technologies with the specific target of closing the credit gap for small businesses.

Bright isn't building something with hypothetical application, it is building the infrastructure to target a very specific problem, whilst staying mindful of how that infrastructure can be used for many more use-cases.

As Head of Blockchain, Jaime’s role is to research, direct strategy and develop the technologies required to deliver Bright, with an emphasis on those related to crypto. But life in a start-up means being involved in far more than just one area! Each day brings something new from developing smart contracts, token economics and mechanism design, to researching data structures, developing infrastructure or even building mobile apps.

The Future is Bright

When asked what excites Jaime most about the future of Bright, he’d say it’s when multiple industries and financial services rest on top of the data sharing infrastructure of Bright’s Network to power unimaginable new consumer services based around data.

While the fully realised vision is a while off, the journey to this future is well defined. It starts with the expansion of lending services from Bright Bank to additional lending providers, then developing services which expand into other non-lending financial services and finally expanding into other industries entirely.

I think there is a lot of room for creativity and ingenuity when using Bright Network in this way, and I can't wait to see the types of services and systems it enables.

In the office, Jaime may be considered a ‘tin foil hat wearer’ - he’s obsessed with privacy-enabling technology - but he’s also a compassionate thinker and always looking for creative solutions.

It is my desire to build or rebuild the world in a way which pushes humanity in a better direction, relative to the past...I wish to think of myself as an architect of the future I wish to see.

We’re right there with you, Jaime. Build away!