Behind Bright: Pierre Proner, Co-Founder & CEO


Pierre’s entrepreneurship journey started shortly after completing a bachelors in Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. He started and built several successful businesses in the US, Europe and Asia, and it was in his former role as CEO at AMPP Group that he saw first-hand the need for Bright.

Believer in New Technologies

Pierre’s interest in blockchain started in 2012. He has a firm belief in the power of new technologies to solve some of the world's most important problems, and co-founded Bright to address the imbalance in small business access to financial services.

What excites me most about Bright is that we’re building a global financial services organisation that brings positive change to small businesses and the communities they impact.

They Say Successful People Rise Early

Pierre is a professed early riser. Typically his day starts off with a walk or bike ride followed by meditation before eating breakfast - the most important meal of the day!

Each morning he spends an hour reviewing progress on our roadmap and preparing for the day, before leading the team huddle to run through the day's game plan.

Hands-on Leadership

The idea of a CEO as someone who has a corner office, a big desk, and a closed door is changing. At Bright, Pierre sits alongside the engineers and data scientists in the Innovation Studio. He can often be seen rolling his chair down the floor to join huddles and unblock the team - whether it’s by tackling something himself or finding the right talent for the job.

He’s visible, hands-on, full of energy - and keeps the coffee brewing throughout the day, topping up his cup and others’! His passion for Bright is clear and contagious.

The team don't need me to inspire them, as everyone loves what they are working on and believes in the values and mission of the project.

Pierre is also accessible. He engages with the Bright community both on and offline, not only as an evangelist for what we're doing but also to gather feedback as we continue to build the vision and grow.

If you’d like to connect with Pierre, find him on our Telegram or on Twitter.

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