Bright Bounty - Phase One Commences


We are excited to announce the Bright Bounty program. The program will run across several phases with an emphasis on rewarding early supporters of the project.

We will be giving away 100,000,000 of our BRT utility tokens in total, spread across several bounty campaigns and competitions.


Special contains Bright initiatives including Competitions, Bug Bounties and Hackathons. Reserved is a portion held back for a purpose that will be revealed at a later date!

Main Bounty - The Breakdown

Across the Main Bounty we will be giving away 60,000,000 BRT, our network utility token. The Bounty itself will be split into two phases: Phase One, worth 37.5% of the tokens, and Phase Two worth the remaining 62.5%.

Phase One is a simple set of activities which, upon completion, grants hunters stakes from a finite pool. This post will coincide with the launch of Phase One. That means if you are reading this the first phase of the Bounty has begun!

Phase Two is a more extensive program which grants stakes from an unlimited pool in return for completion of a broader range of tasks. The second phase will be announced at a later date so keep an eye out!

Phase One - Sign-up

To participate in the Bounty program, register as a Hunter on our Bounty portal. After sign-up, you can choose to be verified on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or all three channels to increase your stakes. You can earn more stakes through referrals and engaging with Bright on Telegram and Twitter.


For the full announcement, check out our post on Bitcoin Talk. If you have any questions about the Bounty program, contact us on any of our Community channels.

Happy hunting!