Desigan Chinniah Joins Bright As Advisor


Bright proudly welcomes Desigan ‘Dees’ Chinniah to the Bright Advisory Board. Dees brings decades of senior experience in the technology sector -- most recently as Director of Open Innovation at Mozilla, the makers of Firefox. He started within Mozilla Labs in an experimental R&D role when the organisation had only 100 on staff and has since explored connectivity, immersive realities, gaming, voice/speech, Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, crypto, bots, Machine Learning and much more.

Prior to Mozilla, Dees worked as a designer, developer, technical evangelist, product architect, community manager and business development professional at such well-known dot-coms such as PayPal, BBC Skype, eBay and Ask Jeeves, to name but a few. As an early team member at Skype, he helped design the Skype interface that has become a case study in simple, elegant user experience that is globally inclusive; and at eBay and Gumtree, he was instrumental in building engaged communities.

Dees has shared his reasons for joining up with Bright:

“With over 70% of small businesses in frontier markets alone unable to access credit through their own banks, it’s high time others tackled this challenge with a creative user-centred approach to innovative solutions.

I’m super excited the join this (ad)venture along with the Bright team. Access to credit not only allows a business owner the ability to meaningfully expand their business and fulfil its true potential —but— more importantly has a significant and fundamental social impact and knock-on effect to their employees, the surrounding community, and their closest family and friends.”

Bright CEO Pierre Proner says: “Dees brings a wealth of knowledge of global product design, along with a tremendous network of contacts in Silicon Valley, Europe, and in frontier markets such as Kenya. We are foregrounding product and UX, both of which Dees has a highly credible background in, as well as designing and building technology for global adoption. His experience and insights are invaluable to us.”

We look forward to working closely with Dees and benefiting from his startup and dot-com hardened functional, strategic, and creative advice.

Bright is a building financial services on the blockchain, designed to solve the credit gap faced by millions of small businesses in emerging markets and around the world. Learn more about our Team and Advisors or chat to us over on Telegram.