Featured Question: Which smart contract platform is Bright using?


We have a great and engaged community on Telegram, and occasionally we are asked a question that simply can't be answered in a sentence or two. To highlight these thoughtful questions, we wanted to address them in a more public forum, like here on our blog. The following question was asked by @ArdoSatu and has been answered by Head of Blockchain, Jaime van Oers.

Which platform is Bright using? Is it ERC20?

Bright is developing Bright Network to be smart contract platform agnostic, however our choice of platform at this time is Ethereum.

BRT and BRTX will both be ERC20 compliant. BRT is a standard, unrestricted utility token that is familiar. BRTX is a security token, and as such will be limited to accredited investors and will have additional restrictions around its ownership and transfer.

Ethereum has been chosen as our initial platform solution due to its maturity across multiple dimensions: technology, governance, user experience and developer productivity.

It is also the smart contract platform with the most active community, users and user experience focused projects, the largest knowledge base, and has proven its resilience and thought leadership in times of duress.

Regarding scalability, although Ethereum has been challenged in terms of reaching the transaction throughput required for mainstream adoption, we will strategically employ 2nd layer scaling solutions where necessary. We will also benefit from platform-wide scaling projects like sharding as they develop.

Bright will be monitoring the smart contract platform landscape as other competitor platforms mature, and evaluate whether such projects reach the maturity and value alignment required by Bright in the future.

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