Inside Bright - No.1


Welcome to Inside Bright. This is the first round up of everything that’s been happening at the Bright HQ over the past couple of weeks. As you’ll see, it’s been non-stop action from the team with voices joyously yelling ‘ship it’!

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to…

Website - New Features

If you haven’t been to our website lately, perhaps it’s time for you to refresh and reacquaint yourself with our new pages.

  • Our new Network tab introduces our Data Vaults and Protocol in more detail
  • We’ve created a Resources tab so that you can more easily find our White Paper and Data Vaults technical paper
  • Use our new Community tab to find out where we’re currently online and chatting. We’ll be announcing more channels going forward - so keep watching here

Blog - Posts You Should Read

We’ve been sharing a lot about who we are, what we believe, who is supporting us and what we’re doing over on our blog. In case you’ve missed it, have a look at the following posts to catch up!

  • Learn a bit more about the team with our ‘Behind Bright’ series. The first post features Pierre Proner, Co-Founder and CEO of Bright. Read now
  • Pierre also shares his vision and call to arms in Our Manifesto
  • We’ve conducted short video interviews for our Advisors Series. Learn why former CEO of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council Oliver Everett has joined Bright as an Advisor

Papers - Deep Tech Reading

The team has been diligently working on the release of the next iteration of our White Paper, as well as the first paper in our technical series - Data Vaults: Strategies for storing, verifying and sharing private data.

We’ve published a Data Vaults supplement on our blog for those who want to have a quick overview or just a ‘snapshot’ of what our approach is in overcoming one of the biggest hurdles for businesses - a lack of business data on which lending decisions can be made - while keeping that data private and secure.

Community Events - Out and About

Being based in London, and just off the ‘Silicon Roundabout’ of Old Street, there’s no shortage of events on any given night. Crypto, blockchain, hackathons and the general get-together - we’re involved!

Last week, we attended The Block Happy Hour at Tech Hub and listened to Mike Dudas (The Block) and Richard Muirhead (Fabric Ventures) talk about what’s picking up steam and perking up the investors’ ears in the UK and across the pond. It was a lively event and offered some great insights.

This week, we headed over to Alphabit’s Crypto Meet-up, and were able to hear first-hand how other blockchain companies are tackling the hard problems in the space. It’s always interesting and inspiring to know what’s going on here in our own backyard.

Coming up...

Lots more coming your way - more site releases and technical papers, more blog posts and events. To keep up with us, be sure you’re following us on your favorite channel.

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