Inside Bright - No.2


Welcome to the second installment of Inside Bright letting you know what’s been happening at the Bright HQ over the past couple of weeks.

Bright Roadshow Commenced

Pierre and Ant traveled to NYC last week as part of the Bright Roadshow. Pierre spoke at Lowenstein Sandler about the future of blockchain and financial services. We are thrilled they could host us! Check out the pictures.

Private Alpha - First Look

We’re really excited to share with you our mobile app for iOS and Android that provides small businesses with access to lending through Bright Network. Read our post that details how it works, and see some images of the early user interface.

Community Updates

Ahead of some exciting activity upcoming -- HINT!! -- we’re now live on a few more channels: Bitcointalk, Reddit, and Steemit. Come join us and chat with Arnold and Jaime who will be tackling questions and keeping you informed on developments.

Blog - ICYMI

We’ve been sharing a lot about who we are, who is supporting us and what we’re doing over on our blog. In case you’ve missed it, have a look at the following posts to catch up!

  • Our ‘Behind Bright’ series featured co-founder & advisor Anthony Martin
  • We continued our Advisor Series by sharing interviews with Robert Scanlon, former Group Chief Credit Officer and Chief Risk Officer at Standard Chartered Bank, Swiss Bank Plc and UBS; and Professor Tomaso Aste, Director of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies.

Coming up...

We will be releasing the next in our technical papers and announcing our Bounty campaign in the coming week. So if you’re not already following us, join our Community on Telegram or Twitter to be first to know when these are live.