Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to connect a new generation of financial services to the data economy.

By providing FinTechs, Neo Banks and other financial services providers with data and automation, we are creating more choice and better terms for the businesses they serve.

  • Lack of data and automation in financial services sector;
  • Access to the data economy for next generation financial services providers;
  • Complexity, costs, choice for businesses in accessing financial services.

Other decentralised data marketplaces fall into serveral categories - either they cater to private consumer data or sensor/IOT data, or they are designed for use-agnostic public business data.

This is important because our open protocol is specifically designed to validate structured data useful to providing financial services. The categories of business data we deal with are public, private and meta-data across financial, alternative and behavioural categories.

Our view is that business data marketplaces catering to general sets of business data are potential partners, providing Bright Network users with additional data sources.