Frequently Asked Questions

Bright was co-founded in May 2017 by Pierre Proner and Anthony Martin.

The idea for Bright was spun out of successful FinTech company, AMPP Group, where many of Bright's team members worked together. AMPP works with government and the financial services industry in emerging and developed markets. AMPP's clients include ICICI Bank, Barclays Bank, First National Bank, and Access Bank Nigeria. AMPP has also worked with over 34,500 small businesses in the last 5 years.

AMPP and Bright are completely separate companies with a licensing agreement in place for the database of 34,500 small businesses that Bright will use to onboard early adopters to bootstrap the network. 650 have already been onboarded.

The two teams are separate and Bright has built a world class engineering and data science team, including several PhDs, along with team members in ops, risk, MSME outreach, marketing, and UX/design, amongst others.

No, each company has its own team. Bright team members who previously met whilst working at AMPP, have left and are now employed by Bright.

The core team, including our engineering and data science teams, is based in Shoreditch, London. We have other great people working with us in New York, San Francisco, Sydney as well as on the ground in our initial go-to-markets.

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Alternativaly find us on Telegram or for more technical chat on Discord! We also regularly attend events - check our Twitter for our whereabouts.

We are hiring and always on the look out for the best talent in engineering, ops, risk, finance, data science and marketing! Send your CV to

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